We help our customers streamline their drapery jobs by making custom basic traverse rods at our Houston and Dallas warehouses. We find out exactly what you need for your job, and using Kirsch, Graber, or Forest hardware, we will make a rod to your exact specifications. Here are some options to consider when ordering your rod:
  • Heavy duty track uses high-quality ball bearing carriers and can carry a significant amount of weight. These can be mounted so that they are visible in the room, adding a modern and sleek component to the design, and most track is available in white, black, silver and bronze. Decorative fascia is also available. If the track needs to be hidden, it can be mounted behind a valance or in a recessed cove. 
  • We can bend and curve track to a template.
  • Most traverse rods use a Pinch Pleat drapery design, which is a traditional drapery heading style using pin-on hooks. Another more modern option is Ripplefold or Rollpleat, which creates a soft folded look. We will help you specify whichever style is appropriate for your job.

To order, simply give us a call or email with details about the type of rod you need. If you have more questions than details, we are happy to answer them, and once we have enough information we will work up a quote for you. Our typical lead time is 10 business days. We offer a 15% rush for 5 business days, and a 25% rush for 3 business days.